The goal is to have members from a wide variety of time zones, so as to always have members available to respond to missions.

 Initially, our priority will be to purchase/construct Dyson Spheres (warp points), as being among the first to do so will provide an immense advantage both in the speed in which we can travel, and in the revenue that can be made from charging non-members a toll to use them. Depending on the finances of the guild, we would like to also purchase Space stations, and, ideally, have a home base on a world central to most of our members.

No, nothing in our guild will be mandatory, although participation in missions is encouraged. As we get closer to the game release, we are surveying our members to get a better sense of what each person is willing to do in missions.

Yes. We are registering with all 3 factions, so we can have rescuers all over the metaverse.